IMAGINE is a free summit of middle school, high school, university and graduate students with a shared desire to develop projects in the spaces of social justice, social enterprise, and/or social entrepreneurship. Flipping the normal conference script, at IMAGINE students present their projects and experts from the non-profit world, the arts, finance, social engagement, and more attend, listen intently, give feedback and network with them!


We encourage our student change makers to present their ideas, ask questions of the experts, network, and build collaborative teams. Social change isn’t an individual act – it’s a collaborative process that builds relationships, recognizes the validity of opposing arguments, and requires critical self-reflection. Building sustainable social change demands building these intergenerational coalitions of diverse human beings.

Together, we can build a more just and livable world.


We believe in the fundamental equality of all human beings.


We are building a bigger table.

No matter your background or beginning, regardless of your pedigree, we live for access and inclusivity. There’s a seat waiting for you.

We are not just about the rah-rah!

Student projects in the social good space are worthy of our recognition.  However, given the fundamental challenges they confront, they are also worthy of some tough questions.  For starters, what happens after graduation?

We are flying coach not business.

Our consumption patterns reveal our value system.  Every dollar we spend on this conference is one less dollar spent on building a more just and livable world.  So, linens for the catering table are out and box lunches are in.

We are striving for zero-waste.

We are building a more just and livable world. Some minor behavioral changes on our part (bringing your coffee mug, water bottle, and more) can lessen our environmental impact.

We are Sidekicks.

Let’s be honest. If you are able to attend IMAGINE, then you are in a position of relative privilege. Does your relative privilege disqualify you from joining with others in building a more just and livable world? Hell no! Does it disqualify you from leading the process? Well…